AKSTOR brand was founded by Ali AKYILDIZ and started its production activities in 2012. Before the Akstor mark was formed, Akyıldız İnşaat A. Ş. is a company that is known in Trabzon with its wholesale building materials identity about 40 years.

Akstor, focusing on exterior and interior wall decoration in production, our company has given importance to quality and therefore it has made many innovations in the production process since it was founded. Apart from the production process, it has prepared catalogs that offer more beautiful and more optional every year, with giving importance to developing new products.


We aim to contribute to the reduction of high energy waste in the world, while providing employment to the people of the our region, convert the buildings to more modern, beautiful and esthetic places to serve people to live a more peaceful and happier life.


To provide 100% customer satisfaction with correct information, We constantly criticize and improve ourselves according to customer demands, needs and satisfaction.